The Reason that Nobody Likes Lawyers (and Why You Should Care)

Death, taxes and hating lawyers; the certainties of life. Everyone gets a good laugh from a lawyer joke. If hating lawyers was a religion, wars would end and the hungry would be fed. Everybody hates lawyers.

A World Where People Like Lawyers

Imagine a world where lawyers are liked. They are valued for their insights and experience. One where they sell services and products that help the consumer manage and increase legal heath and overall well-being.

The BIGGEST Legal Mistake

You might hear about it a couple times a year from your neighbour, co-worker or someone in the family.  You always have the same reaction; you shake your head and say, “That’s a shame,” or “How horrible, how sad”.  And then the follow-up reaction…

The Truth Is…

You’re probably going to buy a lawyer a boat. There’s a scourge that is taking its toll on our community and it’s been that way for years.  The truth is, too many families are buying too many lawyers too many boats.