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Brown Lawyers

Life in Balance

Brown Lawyers is changing the way people feel about the law, and about lawyers. We encourage our clients to take a preventive and pragmatic approach to legal planning and services. We do this by specializing in Estate and Business Law. We are a destination for clients that recognize that clarity and preparedness in their business, their assets, their legacy planning, and their relationships lead to a better quality of life and overall individual well being.

Rather than charging an open-ended hourly rate, Brown Lawyers provides our services for an upfront flat fee. We are a law firm designed to help you create abundance, experience wellness in your life, and leave behind a lasting legacy.

About us

We focus on the legal health of our clients.  Like other aspects of your health, prevention is the best course of action. Legal health means being prepared for future opportunities and conflicts. When you focus on your legal health you will be better prepared for unexpected and negative outcomes. Legal preparedness allows you to live life to the fullest.

We’re a team of legal professionals. 

We’re fun, bright, interesting and engaging.  We have fun at work and bring that enthusiasm to our interactions with clients.  We may be dealing with some very serious issues that need respect, compassion, and empathy but these situations also require levity, kindness, and pragmatism. Truly, the law is your friend and so are we. We actually believe using the law can be a positive and fun experience with a lawyer, especially in the areas of Estate and Business Law.


What our clients say

“As a person with little family, you’ve demonstrated that my death can have meaning through the creation of a purposeful legacy. That is exciting for me and at the same time gives me comfort that it’s not all been for nothing.”

Christel Wintels

“I met with Andrew to arrange my will. I was surprised and delighted at his balanced view of legacy, not primarily money, but more so history, values, and wisdom I might wish to share. I actually enjoyed the process and felt comfortable asking questions.”

Vivienne Mathers

“My personal experience with Brown Lawyers has been terrific. Andrew has a holistic and thorough approach to estate planning. Karen and Andrew are very familiar with the investment and insurance industry which I think strengthens their estate planning advice.”

Karen Sage

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