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Brown Lawyers - What We do - image of a smiling elephant balancing its front feet on a ball, symbolizing Preventive Law

Preventive, Proactive and Pragmatic

Our Approach to Law

Brown Lawyers has a new vision of the law. Preventive Law is advice-based law where the client and lawyer work in tandem to head-off trouble through honest conversation and sound planning. We work with our clients to create a plan for business, for life, and for all the places that those two intersect. That plan is adjusted, re-examined, and fine-tuned through the years so the client benefits from sound advice and disciplined attention throughout his or her lifetime.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

A Will is one of the most important documents you will ever create. A Will is a legal tool that determines where some of your assets go, who will receive the benefit of your estate and who is in charge of it all. Wills are a cornerstone of Preventive Law and successful estate planning. A successful Will is the result of a lifelong pursuit and must continually reflect your current circumstances and planning.

The other tools you have available to you are Powers of Attorney for Property (financial) and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care (medical). Having these documents in place allows you to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf. It’s important to appoint people that you trust to these powerful positions. It’s equally important to prepare and train these people to perform this job for you.

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Corporate and Business

Owning a business is hard work. Working with Brown Lawyers is not. Make the choice to have the law on your side. Our lawyers will teach you how you can use the law as a tool to support, grow, and protect your business and all the relationships involved in your business. You will learn about the tools and strategies that foster resiliency, adaptability, and preparing for opportunity. Your business deserves to be strong.

Legal and Business Advisory Services: Incorporations, Shareholder Agreements, Purchase or Sale of a Business or Corporation, Employment guidance, Tax Guidance, Business Succession Planning, Farm Succession, Tax planning reorganizations

Strategic Planning Services: Ownership and Business Management Planning, Contingency Planning, Operations Best Practices, Sale and Retirement Preparedness Planning.

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Executor Services & Estates

Being an Estate Trustee (Executor) is not an honour, it is a job. A job that is complex both technically and emotionally. Our estate professionals can help prepare your executor for that job or assist your executor to successfully perform their responsibilities after your death.

If you are an Estate Trustee, you can seek our guidance to successfully navigate your responsibilities through the provision of an initial orientation and ongoing support. Brown Lawyers can often take on many executor responsibilities to alleviate the time, stress, and emotional burden on an executor and family.

To encourage and maintain healthy emotional connections, we adhere to pragmatic and transparent strategies with a focus on accountability in estate administration.

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