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Executor Services & Estates

Support for Estate Trustees

Being an Estate Trustee (Executor) is not an honour, it’s a job; one that is not only technically complex but emotionally taxing. Our team of estate professionals guides Executors to successfully perform their responsibilities. 

Executor Services & Estates

Navigating your responsibilities as an Estate Trustee can be remarkably complex. At Brown Lawyers, our team of estate professionals will guide you successfully through the provision of initial orientation and provide ongoing support. We can often take on many executor responsibilities to alleviate the time, stress, and emotional burden on an executor and the family.
Our goal is to encourage and help maintain healthy emotional connections during a difficult time. By focusing on pragmatic and transparent strategies with an emphasis on accountability, we help make the experience as rewarding as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use the services of the lawyer or law firm that prepared or stored the Will?

No. You have absolute freedom to choose your service provider. Choose someone comfortable and who would be a good fit for you. Just because the lawyer did the Will for the deceased does not mean that lawyer would be a good match for you or provide the service you want.

I need to pay bills, do I have to use my own money?

No. An Executor is not expected to go out-of-pocket for any expenses and it is not recommended. With appropriate documentation, most financial institutions will pay Estate bills/expenses from the deceased’s bank accounts even if the account is “frozen”. An Executor may want to pay an expense from their personal funds from time to time for convenience or expedience – it is to be avoided, but if it happens, keep all records and keep a log. You will want to be reimbursed at a later point.

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    What our clients are saying

    Alongside my mom, I had the pleasure of working with Andrew at Brown Lawyers to help with family estate planning. The non binary and more personal approach that Brown Lawyers has is refreshing and helped put anxieties at ease during a difficult time. I wouldn't hesitate in the slightest to recommend to anyone that they get into contact with Brown Lawyers for all things Estate Planning. Thank you Andrew for making this process a "not so scary" one.

    Jay CatlinProfessionalism

    Have you been asked to be an Executor for someone's estate? Are you honoured? Nervous about the time it will take or the complexity of the process? Worried about meeting expectations of the family, the beneficiaries and ultimately respecting the intended wishes of the estate?
    I have been in this situation and wanted to increase my knowledge and lessen the stress.
    Andrew Brown provided this expert counsel in an informative, efficient and non-sugar coated manner during an on-line forum. Andrew made the process interactive and even casual!!
    Do not hesitate to reach out to the Team at Brown Lawyers!

    Karen Van LuvenProfessionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    I've been a client of Brown Lawyers since 2010, and they are an integral part of my professional team. I initially engaged with Andrew Brown for estate planning when he helped my wife and I create our wills and power of attorney. We thought it was going to be a difficult process to get our wills and estate planning done, but Andrew has a process that made it straightforward and quick. Since then, I have engaged Andrew and his team for my business as well.

    Dan HolsteinBusiness Coach