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Corporate & Business Law


At Brown Lawyers, we believe in taking a proactive and personal approach to the law – that means staying connected to what your business needs and knowing who your lawyers even are. We offer services tailored to your needs to help you get your business up to the best legal standards. With a legal coach on your side and checking in regularly, you will be empowered to address any questions about your business or your corporation.

Let’s get to work.


Once your legal needs are up-to-date, regular maintenance and updates are needed to stay on top of things. We offer a simple, flat-rate plan to help you stay committed to your business and its legal maintenance.

Your Corporate Care Plan gives you a structured routine of maintaining your corporation’s legal needs. The strongest legal work is done when your lawyer knows who you are and what matters to you. We believe in this so strongly, that it’s the only way we work with our corporate clients.

You will have a dedicated space and time each year to meet with your legal team. In our meetings, we will not only sign documents, review and update your minute book, we will also discuss your business values, challenges and goals for the future. Your time with us is an intentional and meaningful moment to do the work together while building a foundation of trust. These touch-points offer a chance for collaboration, bringing together your needs and ideas with our insights and experience. The work we do doesn’t change, but we guarantee that how you feel about it will.


Meeting face-to-face with your legal team gives us a chance to slow down and understand you and your business more deeply – providing you with more meaningful advice and answers to questions on the spot.

When you connect with the people working on your corporation’s records, you’ll grow to feel a stronger connection to your corporation. This makes your corporation more tangible, which in turn makes it more valuable.

When we treat things like they’re important, we start to believe that they’re important. It’s a non-negotiable for us, and we bet it will become one for you, too.


Everything that makes electronic signatures faster also makes the work less meaningful. When you meet with your lawyer in person, the work becomes about more than just sign-here and initial-there – it becomes an opportunity to build connection and understanding.

We don’t want you to rush through this work because it’s a chance for you to tell us what really matters to you – the signatures are just an excuse for us to get to know you better.


In-person meetings are foundational to the Corporate Care Plan. We review your corporation’s legal needs, sign all required documents and discuss your plans and future goals.

Some specifics we’ll handle include:

  • Reviewing your plans and how they may impact your business’ legal obligations
  • Filing your Annual Information Return with the government business registry
  • Hosting and documenting your annual meetings of Directors and Shareholders
  • Preparation of documents to evidence payment of any dividends
  • Storage of your Minute Book and maintenance of all required registers in your Minute Book


Most people don’t start a business because they want to do paperwork and file reports. You have passions and expertise that led you to where you are, and the legal part is just the reality you need to deal with. Educating yourself on the nitty-gritty and the less commonly known facts of how the law intersects with running a business can help you feel sure of yourself as an entrepreneur, regardless of your industry.


Most entrepreneurs know one thing for sure, and that’s everything they don’t know about running their business. You probably already know that asking the right questions can be much more powerful than pretending you have all the answers. Here are some of the questions you might have as you get started.

What is Corporate law?

Corporate Law refers to a branch of laws as well as rules and regulations exclusively for corporations. It particularly focuses on commercial and contract laws in regards to the formation and operations of a corporation.

How can a lawyer help me choose the best type of business?

Honestly, some lawyers just guess. A legal coach at Brown Lawyers will help you review a wide array of options specific to the unique needs of your business. This includes preferential tax options, liability management, administration of partnerships and incorporations, as well as a variety of other services that correspond to your needs and business objectives.

How detailed do my records need to be?

It depends. Your business is unique, and the amount of information needed to secure it legally will depend greatly on different circumstances. When you have a legal coach for your business, your records, reports and even shareholder meetings are managed by your coach in a dedicated space.

How do I avoid making mistakes when I set up my business?

The best way to avoid making legal errors when you set up a new business is to have a legal coach there to guide you through the work. Experience and foresight can give you a solid foundation for your business and avoids creating a legal mess that you will need to deal with later.