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At Brown Lawyers, we’ve worked closely with people as they go through some of the hardest moments of their lives, and what we discovered over time is that the best approach to your legal work isn’t a dispassionate, emotionless one. The best approach to your legal work is one that acknowledges how hard it can be – an approach that speaks truthfully about how you feel and what you believe. When you work on your legal life in a way that aligns with your core values, everything is easier and more satisfying.

But what about the rest of your life? How could this approach apply to all the aspects of planning for the way you live?

That’s why we created Coda.

Brown Lawyers – CODA, Create a better ending


That’s the one thing you can say with absolute certainty about anybody you meet without knowing a single thing about them. The rest – how you will live – is fundamentally unique and personal to each and every one of us.

Creating a better ending starts by accepting that the ending will happen.

Coda is a framework – a philosophy of life – that we are developing to build more certainty around how we can plan for the way we live in a way that is just as unique and personal as we are. There isn’t a perfect formula we can all follow to live a fulfilling life, but Coda is our way of giving structure to a personal guiding set of values to help you live in alignment with what you hold most closely to your heart.


To get you started, we’ve created the Coda Prompts – an introduction to Coda and a first step to get you thinking about what really matters to you. The Prompts are a starting point that will make you introspect and ask questions about how you live your life and what you really value.

The process is built on seven fundamental keys. These keys are the building blocks of Coda, and each is connected to the others. The keys provide an area of focus for you to examine your life. All the keys are connected because they touch on fundamental aspects of living and dying. These prompts are meant to offer an introduction to the Coda Keys.

We invite you to view and download the four-page document by clicking the image at the right. We hope that you will find it to be a useful resource.


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These are the places where law intersects with the Coda approach to living. In our work as lawyers, we discovered that almost everything we do is made more meaningful when we align them with how we feel we should live. Read on to build a picture for yourself of all the different ways accepting your death can help you live a better life.