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Introducing our New Brand

By October 13, 2023October 18th, 2023No Comments
Brown Lawyers new brand. Community lawyers in Waterdown, Ontario

We are pleased to introduce you to the new look and feel of Brown Lawyers. Why the rebrand? To put it simply – we’ve been evolving our understanding of what a community law office can be and it’s time to create a brand that aligns with how we choose to show up in our community.

A community law office is a place for people to come for support, guidance, education and advice. It is a place that nurtures meaningful relationships and promotes the well-being of the whole community. Rather than simply fulfilling orders for the creation of legal documents and the completion of legal transactions, it is a place that asks “Why? What matters to you? What do you need to know to make the best decisions you can for yourself and the people you care about? How can we support you to get this done in a way that aligns with your values?” This is not about us and how much we know – this is about you and empowering you to think deeper, to consider the important questions and to make the process meaningful for you. You are at the core.

So goodbye Elephant. We are grateful for your contributions (your ability to balance on that ball is truly outstanding!) We wish you all the best in your retirement.

And welcome to you – our community. We invite you into our space to tell us your stories, ask us your questions and find out how we can support you to achieve the things that truly matter to you. This is your law office.


The new look for Brown Lawyers is all about putting you (yes, you) at the core of the brand. We truly believe this isn’t about us, and so with everything right down to the logo, we aim to embody that belief.

The Brown Lawyers logo is a visualization of our values. At the core is a perfect circle. It represents you, our client, and the purest version of who you are, what you believe and what matters most to you.

Radiating out from that core – the ripples in the pond – are all the effects of you living your life. Your family, friends, community, estate, property, business, memories, emotions, promises – even your work with us. The further out we go the more unique each ripple becomes, but their shape is still informed by that core – by you and what you believe.

Simply put, our new brand is a commitment: by putting you at the core, we commit to putting you at the centre of all your legal work. You and your values will always inform how we work with you, and you’ll never be pushed in a direction that doesn’t feel true to you or how you want to live.


To help reinforce these values, our new brand has embraced nature and reality. We have pivoted away from a largely blue colour palette and invited more natural colours and shapes into the brand environment. You can expect to see more warm oranges and bright yellows, along with greens, violets and, yes, still blue. These colours are meant to make you feel nurtured and welcome. This isn’t a cold, sterile office – it’s a clearing in a forest with a mossy stone you can rest on next to a cool, quietly trickling stream.

The brand is leveraging visuals and themes tied to nature and reality because that is important to how we work with you. We start by discussing reality – the reality of your humanity and everything that comes with it. We don’t work in artificial worlds with arbitrary rules. Ours is a process based in the real world, and so our brand should feel like it’s in the real world, too.


At the end of the day, a new brand is exactly that: it’s a logo and some colours and fonts that help us visualize who we are and how that relates to you. Our decision to rebrand was motivated by our belief in the value of a community law office. It is more than a rebrand, it is a recommitment to you and your world. It’s a marker we’re placing to help us move in the right direction. It’s a plan, a guide and a goal-post – where we are now and where we want to go with you.

We can’t wait to explore the next part of this journey with you. You have always been at the core of our work, and now you’re also at the core of our brand – exactly where you belong.

Welcome. We love having you here.